PFS's core Partnering Program includes:
• Partnering Communication Skills
• Negotiating a Conflict Resolution Process
• Effective Pre-construction Meeting Management
• Creating a Project Partnering Charter

Workshops are customized to your requirements.

Interim Process Mini-Workshops
Schedule these as needed throughout the life of the project to address conflict resolution, mediation, and progressive team building strategies.

Commitment • Communication • Conflict Management

History of Partnering

AGC (The Associated General Contractors of America) saw the need to develop a teambuilding process that created mutual trust and respect for one another's respective roles in the construction process and recognized the risks inherent with those roles.

They saw a need to seek ways to develop harmonious relationships at the job sites and to change the old notion that in order for somebody to win, somebody must lose. AGC wanted to develop a concept that created a win/win attitude among all the team players. Partnering was one such concept.
Project managers have reported that they experience fewer problems and meet goals more efficiently after consistently implementing the partnering process.

"Recognition of common barriers and the time to discuss possible solutions before a project starts is invaluable. And having that opportunity to get to know the people you will be working with over a great lunch ? well that is just the best!"

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