Improving Public Opinion One Person at a Time

Be prepared.
You know it will be a good project and at the end, the customers and citizens will be pleased. You also know that the project will disrupt and inconvenience a number of people during the process. It could be a store owner whose access is temporarily affected. Or perhaps a commuter who is delayed or needs to find a different route. Or an active neighborhood member who wants to keep informed.

All of these people will contribute to the Public Opinion in a positive or negative way. This workshop will help you create more positive public opinion by creating better communication skills for your team as they talk to the public.

Workshop Length: 4 hours


• Anyone supevising a work crew
  or project customer service call line
• Project managers

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
• Discuss the dynamics of Public Opinion and how to improve it on your project.
• Offer explanations about your project that will improve customer expectations and help keep communication open.
• Respond appropriately to an irate customer or citizen and begin the process of mending opinions.
• Prepare a short meeting for your team on ways to improve public opinion.

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