PFS provides Diversity Training That will help your organization on many levels.

    • Increasing participants? cultural awareness, knowledge, and communication skills.
    • Teaching managers and project leaders how to make diverse individuals work as a team by
       learning how to reduce conflicts, improve satisfaction, and encourage creativity and flexibility.
    • Benefits the organization by promoting better teamwork, increasing inclusion of multiple
       groups, and protects against civil rights violations.

Some people think that diversity training is about the law; about what you can and
cannot say and do. That is only a small part of understanding diversity. From an
individual view, enjoying diversity in the workplace needs a combination of knowledge,
acceptance, and yes, perhaps a change in behavior. Managers have an additional
responsibility to create and maintain effective teams made up of diverse individuals.
The organization needs to have mechanisms in place to support these efforts and
comply with the laws and their ethical responsibilities.

Partnering for Success conducts workshops and seminars designed for the needs of
your organization. We have programs for managers, superintendants, and employees.

The Diversity Programs include these topics:

    • Understanding diversity in the workplace
    • Setting the record straight on the legal aspects of diversity
    • Exploring how a changing world has affected everyone
    • Dealing with stereotypes and misinformation
    • Learning how to be yourself without offending others
    • Stopping inappropriate behavior

The Appropriate Workplace Behavior Programs include these topics:

    • Preventing Discrimination
    • Preventing Sexual Harassment
    • Eliminating Bullying in the Workplace
The Workforce
The workforce is a collection of individuals who are both proud and sometimes sensitive about their ethnic background, their religion, their gender, their sexual orientation, and all of the other parts that make them unique. Those differences bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity and innovation. Those differences also bring the potential for conflict and misunderstandings.

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