Bring Partnering To Your Project

Every construction project brings together a team of dedicated professionals seeking to do the best job possible by utilizing the materials and skills assembled. Partnering increases the productivity of this team.

Improved decision-making avoids costly claims and saves time and money. Equity involvement in projects increases opportunities for innovation and implementation of value engineering in work.
Open communication allows for more efficient resolution of problems.

Partnering promotes a better quality product, because energies are focused on the ultimate goal and not misdirected to adversarial concerns.

PFS is Committed to Partnering and Your Success

We are committed to delivering quality, industry-specific workshops, which foster proactive relationships between members of design, management, and construction projects.

Teamwork is the Key

We believe that respecting personal differences and understanding the goals of individuals and work groups are the key to teamwork. Let us join your team.

We are a fully Certified WBE/HUB Business Enterprise.
"I don't miss the old days when a project disagreement could end up with shouts, threats and rolling up sleeves to duke it out. While that was a form of communication, it wasn't very productive. The challenge today is to find a way for everyone to be heard and understood so that decisions can be made using the best knowledge for the right outcome."

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